Image(s) following a selected date, by parcel

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  • (Please outline your field in the map first, in case you haven’t done that yet)
  • Example: if you’d like to purchase the 3 next incoming images, just add a number of ‘3’ to your cart below.
  • Also select the desired type of information (crop index) below.
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  • Is the number of new incoming images that you ordered larger than the number actually becoming available between now and the end of the season, due to cloudy weather? In that case they are supplemented with the most recent images before the order date.
  • The number of images that becomes available in the course of a growing season depends on the cloudiness of your location. In the Netherlands, it generally varies between 2-8 per month.
  • For orders larger than 5 images, it is cheaper to choose “All crop index images for a complete growing season, by selected parcel”.
  • Files are transferred to you by email, as GeoTIFF files.
  • Examples and additional explanation can be found here.
Desired information:

RGB (optical) image(s) only, NDVI only (available for all crops, incl. grassland and forest), NDVI + WDVI (only available for arable crops), NDVI + WDVI + LAI (only available for potato crops)


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