All images for a full growing season, by parcel

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(Please draw your parcel in the map first, in case haven’t done that yet)


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  • The number of available images over a season depends on the cloudiness in your location.
  • Files are transferred to you by email, as GeoTIFF files.
  • An Excel spreadsheet with average (NDVI/WDVI/LAI) values per field is complementary when ordering imagery for a full growing season (please view example below, or have a look at the other examples).


Desired information:

RGB (optical) image(s) only, NDVI only (available for all crops, incl. grassland and forest), NDVI + WDVI (only available for arable crops), NDVI + WDVI + LAI (only available for potato crops)


2020, 2019, 2018, 2017


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